Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Feeling grinchy

You know what really made that green Grinch gripey about Christmas? I have it on good authority that long ago, in his youth, the Whos in Whoville had put him in charge of the town Christmas party.

As a real life person in charge of a Christmas party for nearly a thousand people, I feel so Grinchy today that I can barely stand it. The logistics -- uggh! The financial procurement -- arrgh! Whatever can go wrong probably will, and people will overwhelm the food table leaving nearly nothing for the poor schmucks behind them in line.

I just want it to be over. Over. Over. I want to go back to my cave on the mountaintop and escape all the noise, noise, noise.


Janice Thomson said...

Ha! The exact reason why I live on an island on the far edge of town, across from a babbling brook and a lovely forest, and keep to myself.
I totally understand your post. You are not a grinch - your space is just being invaded.

Ela (braveheart) said...

You'll be fine:)
and everything will be fine

Ela (braveheart) said...

is it over yet?

eastcoastdweller said...

Yes, it is over, Ela, and I can be human again. Thank You for Your thoughtful words.

Rebecca said...

So THAT's what happened to the Grinch. I knew there must be an one starts out like that. Glad your trial is over...Maybe now you can enjoy the season.