Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Nothing much for today. Made home-made hashbrowns for breakfast -- so good with ketchup and garlic pepper. That made me late leaving for work and put me once again to fuming about the stupidity of freeway speed limits.

Yes, I absolutely support the harshest of speed limits through populated areas like neighborhoods and such. But I have never understood the point of putting up a ridiculous limit on the Interstate -- typically free of bicyclists and children playing ball -- to which nobody under age 90 pays any heed, and assigning police officers to snag violators of said limit at random.

Tailgaters? Slam em. Drunks? Nail em. Drivers who talk on cell phones while changing their pants and trimming their toenails? Bust em good. People who max out their engine governor and attempt to become airborne at 100 or so? Fine em, sure.

But if I am in the far left lane of the freeway on a straight stretch on a sunshiney day and there is no congestion around me, and I want to go 75 or 80, LEAVE ME ALONE! In the words of the late Pres. Nixon, I am not a crook.

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Perhaps you won't understand said...

Lol, me too. And Sydney's speed limits were lowered years ago to an incredibly low 50PKH (31mph!!) on residential roads!

The authorities just seem to unrealistically believe that we should aim for zero or very close to zero speed-related deaths. Rarely do people question how desirable that would be...
Draconian, unrealistic, and possibly dangerous measures are always suggested too, eg to have GPS-equipped cars limit their own speed based on the speed limit that the system downloads in whicever location they happen to be

Although I think it was a little insane that in France, Germany etc, I could drive at up to 200kph (120mph). Although higher speed has made Europeans better drivers on average, the road toll is way too high there