Monday, March 5, 2007

Hiding in plain sight

Let's just say that someone I know is now dating a so-called "free-gan."

That is a person who, for philosophical, not necessarily financial reasons, collects their daily food from a Dumpster.

Since such a person is first and foremost a vegetarian, it's not as if they are carrying home maggot-riddled meat. Just vegetables that are perhaps too wilty for your local Buyalot store to offer their precious customers.

I wouldn't have the guts to go so far.

But this post isn't really about free-gans. It's about identifying the dater of one and what that would mean.

I.e., I created this blog as a means of expressing myself in absolutely anonymity -- of letting out some thoughts and feelings of which no one who knows my real world self has any idea.

How long can I keep it up? Is the internet big enough that the chances are infinitesimal of me letting out some identifying detail of my life and someone close to me coming across it, to their shock and horror?

What would they think of my doubts about my faith; and my peculiar -- but absolutely legal, please note -- fetishes?

Really, I'm harmless, though. No kiddie porn on my hard drive. No mouldering murder victim under my floorboards.


Perhaps you won't understand said...

An elderly Rabbi once confided to me that he was actually an atheist. It is still one of the most surprising moments of my life. I now understand what an enormous risk he took, telling this to a 16 year-old who could easily have maliciously used this honesty against him. My credibility amongst others was probably good enough for them to believe me had I blabbed, too.

The guy explained to me that during the last few years of his long service, he had been tormented by the possibility that he'd dedicated his life to a cause that he no longer believed in. Finally, he had admitted to himself that he was an atheist. However, some members of the community were now so deeply dependent on his presence and comfort, especially during their times of sorrow, and there were no replacements available. Not having the heart to declare his true beliefs, he had decided to see out his duties until his death. Of course, it is technically possible that he was just trying to teach me a moral lesson, or whatever. But I believe him.

Eastcoastdweller, I don't even know who you are. Do not be embarassed to reveal things. If somebody judges you on this blog for your fetishes or for your doubts about your faith or for anything revealed in honesty, that's their problem. As for telling your friends - I think ultimately that'll make you happier - and although it's cliched advice, they probably shouldn't be your friends if they can't deal with it. However, that's totally up to your judgement.

While you're at it, check out
You'll find many people have anonymously revealed some really intimate things there.

chipazoid said...

You know, I had a giant blog once, with a huge reader base. I was 16, and many people from my high school and junior college "apparently" read it. I'm not sure how true this is, but let's just say revealing my hatred for this certain person who was spreading lies about my family got me into a heap of trouble. Furthermore the fact that I didn't agree with most government, school policies and philosophical and religious discussions it sort of isolated me from some types of people.

Since my old blog was hacked by an ex... I barely kept a blog until 4 years later. I just thought it was stupid, that I had to be judged based on how I speak and the way I look. So what if there was a difference anyway, those tools. Anyway, it's true, with revealing your identity, there are repercussions and there are things you should censor and things you shouldn't reveal unless you are truly comfortable with doing so.

Revealing that I am agnostic by choice is quite detrimental to my social standing at home but I've done it anyway because I'm comfortable with it. IF you are comfortable with your fetishes, albeit I really don't think it's that vulgar anyway (I have friends with crazier fetishes, you're pretty normal to me) then reveal your anonymity, if not, the world's not judging you yet.

eastcoastdweller said...

Thanks once again, Adena.

There are definitely people in my circle who would be shocked and scandalized to learn of this side of my personality. I'm not ready for the fireworks, yet.

It's funny to think about it, really. That I have kept a part of me hidden since I was at least seven years old. That I still keep it hidden, even though not one bit of it is illegal.