Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Being like Ben

It was said of the late American statesman Benjamin Franklin that "people longed for his company."

That's a dream I have for myself, too. It's not about vanity, my looks -- can't do much about genetics. Rather, it's about the pleasure of being comfortable around other people, the communion of spirit and mind, learning to enjoy each unique individual who enters one's life in the same manner as one would enjoy a poem, a waterfall or a mathematical equation --- to be appreciated in all his or her facets.

And when thusly enamored of others, one might expect them to reciprocate, making for joy all around.

There are times when people just seem so interesting and praiseworthy to me -- and other times when I feel to dismiss us all as apes with delusions of grandeur.

There are times when I feel warm and comfortable in the presence of some fellow human; and other times when my words are fumbly, my motions are awkward and I hold back most of my thoughts.

I'm not a brilliant soul but when I have learned something, I desire to share it. Most of the time, that either earns me puzzled looks, dismissals, or occassionally the sincere compliment, "You're so smart," and there it ends. I wasn't seeking a compliment. I was seeking a conversation: what do YOU think about the matter?

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Perhaps you won't understand said...

I've also always sort of aspired to be like that...Reading TIME's article about his life and personality, I also admire Franklin's wit, his scientific spirit (picture him out there with his kite), and the courage and integrity that he showed when he criticised others and when he met criticism.

I'm sure Franklin too searched for such company. You attract people that are like you, as well as people that need something from you, and the intersection of those two, so I can only try to search for such company for myself with good will, if I'd appreciate granting it to others.