Wednesday, February 14, 2007

She who litters wins my love

Time to unveil my dark side, in part at least, such as it is. If you lose all respect for eastcoastdweller now, it was merely respect for pages in cyberspace. If you had no respect for me in the first place, which is more likely, no harm was done.

Everyone has a fetish of some kind. I have several, all of which, I hasten to add, are harmless.

What you might find most peculiar is my attraction to girls and women who litter. As in, throw their trash on the ground. Yeah, it makes no sense -- but does any such predilection?

I can distinctly remember each and every instance, dating back to when I was a preteen, in which I saw a girl drop, throw, kick or flick away her unwanted rubbish in public. I cherish the memories. I still have a twenty-some year old candy wrapper which dropped from the fingers of a beautiful blonde classmate in high school.

You won't find sites for this on the web, not yet, maybe not ever. I have found maybe two other people on the planet with the same peculiarity.

You must admit it's less disturbing than masochism, infantalism, insect crush or any of the far more common fetishes.

There, I've posted it. Let's see if I merely tossed a stone into a bottomless well, or if anything is heard.


Lance said...


I don't share the fetish that you have, but something related.

I used to also like it when girls littered. But I think it was because they were rebellious, and independent. And so was I. I could save them from detention, maybe tell the teacher that the offending girl didn't do it, and it'd be a joke between me and the girl.

They'd perhaps be sitting at the same table, talking to me, and they'd innocently drop something. Or crinkle it up, and shove it inside the cracks of the benches we'd sit at, perhaps, even inviting criticisms from other girls...and I just adored that.

I never actually considered holding on to their litter or anything like that, though ~

Lance said...

Oh one thing I forgot to ask though - when you say fetish - do you actually mean it turned you on when they littered?
I didn't get anything like that, not that there's anything wrong with that happening.
If it's really a fetish, it'll be interesting to see how you go convincing chicks you meet to drop a little litter ;)
Perhaps it's time to let go of that wrapper, and leave it as a memory?
Nice honesty with your post

Eastcoastdweller said...

Thank you, Lance.

Yes, it was definitely a turn-on to see it happen. And I think you hit the nail on the head with the word "rebellious" -- I think that is the root of it.

It also seemed that the more innocent and sweet the girl seemed, in other words, the less likely she appeared to be the rebellious type, the more exciting it was to actually see her surprise me that way.