Friday, February 23, 2007

Spaghetti-O blues

I've got the annoying "ear-worm" of a Spaghetti-Os commercial in my head today, so I thought I'd spin some thoughts about it.

First of all, animated Spaghetti-os bouncing in a car to hip-hop music while a multitude of other Spaghetti-os bounce and wave from what appear to be project-style apartments -- that feels slightly stereotypical and not quite appropriate for 21st Century sensibilities. But I'm sure the kids it's meant for, just think it's cool.

The instruction to the viewer is to "give mom a high-five" if she fixes Spaghetti-Os for dinner. In other words, Mom is to be applauded for pouring cheap pasta out of a can instead of actually fixing real food. (And do kids even call it a high-five anymore, or did that go out with "far out" and "groovy"?)

I am reminded of a country song that was popular a few years ago, that paints a more realistic image of the same product. Talks about typical single girls, 20-somethings, "living on dreams and Spaghetti-Os." The idea is that the stuff is quick and cheap and will keep a struggling person alive until she finally achieves her dreams and moves out of the lonely apartment phase of her existence.

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