Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oak babies

Although I did not have the good sense to take any pictures today, I can happily report that the five native oaks our school children recently planted in a local park are flourishing.

That is in addition to the four pines we planted last year.

I wish these little baby trees all the best. Someday, birds will nest in their branches and squirrels will hoard their nuts and pinecones.

It is a little thing, in the scheme of things -- eight little trees when greedy idiots are obliterating forests many times that size even as I type these words. But a little thing is better than nothing.


Ela said...

yeah, it is still greed and money that wins over the peace on earth. I worry lately but hope for the best.

hey, thanks for visiting my blog.

have a great day.

There is a cemetery near me that has at least ten oak trees and I was thinking of picking some of their acorns and planting them all around.
I also thought that if I had lots of land I would plant oak trees, no matter how long they going to grow, they are great and maybe some mushroom would grow underneath, like white king boletus.

Eastcoastdweller said...

Ela, you will want to wait until autumn to collect the acorns, when they will be ready. That is a wonderful idea.

Just make sure that you plant them in a wild place that won't be mowed.

You could even put a few of the acorns in pots of soil and grow the seedlings for a few years in the pots in your own yard, before you replant them in their permanent home. That would protect them and increase their chances of survival. I have done that before.

Acorns can also be eaten, once you have boiled the bitter tannin out of them. Of course then you don't get a tree. )0:

Ela said...

I will try and boil them,I did try a raw one and did not like it.
Crows eat them though.

yeah, definately I will plant them somewhere where they'll be safe.