Thursday, February 12, 2009

Little white dog part two

The story, continued from below:

I am beating myself up for not having remembered to keep a leash in the car for an emergency such as this. I am wondering where I can possibly park and how I will persuade the dog to jump into my car, since he is obviously afraid of it -- which is good in most instances but bad in this one. I am praying he will not dart out into the road again.

Suddenly he veers away from the road and begins to climb a steep hill into a wooded area. I see that he is following a narrow but well-worn trail and I know from the housetops visible through the trees that a little neighborhood is up there. Most likely he used that path to get down here.

I have no way to follow him but I am pretty sure that he will be fine back in that neighborhood.

My barber is still open when I get there, if but barely. And when I get home, my Beloved's family has invited us over for dinner -- rotisserie chicken, squash and sausage with green peppers and onions.

A nice ending to the day.

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