Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pool ponderings

I had yesterday off and spent the morning with my Niece at the community pool -- a chance for Her to have some just-for_Her time, away from Her busy, frazzled family.

Surprisingly, I am not burned crispy even though I stayed out there longer than I should have. Who wants to cut a child's precious play time any shorter than is absolutely necessary?

She doesn't swim very well yet, mostly dogpaddles. I would like to teach Her how to actually swim this summer, maybe with the help of a boogie board or something. But it's been so long since I took lessons, even though I am a good swimmer myself, that I'm not sure how great a teacher I will be.

Because I burned myself very seriously as a child a couple times -- I mean shedding skin like a snake, blisters and nausea -- I have to be a little careful with the sun so I cover up with a tshirt usually when I go swimming.

The lifeguards yesterday told me I would have to take the tshirt off to go swimming. I told them I could not. It was a perfectly clean shirt and I'm already a melanoma risk, I don't care to exacerbate it. They backed down this once but said I couldn't do it again. That could be a problem.


Janice Thomson said...

Rules, rules, rules. Well that's the pits - what if you took a doctor's note?

Eastcoastdweller said...

Now that's an idea that I hadn't thought of, Janice. Maybe I will.

Chase March said...

But don't they have SPF 7,000 now?

Well, not that high anyway but they have very good sunscreen on the market these days.

But I also try to limit myself sunwise. I usually put on a shirt as soon as I get out the water.
I mean, if you dont' swim all day long, you can still have a good time and follow the dreaded rules, right?

Eastcoastdweller said...

Chase, I hate following rules that seem pointless to me. Always have. I'm determined to fight this one.

kat said...

Fight on! I have your ( t-shirted) back!

and I will look for some yummy yummy black blackberries to photograph for you (before eating them!)

Eastcoastdweller said...

Kat: You are a valuable ally indeed. A person who does not quiver in the presence of poisonous snakes, who has conquered a cohort of kudzu, who has survived a hurricane and an attempted assault and who moves just as easily in nature as in the big city