Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Of cool evenings and stinky manure

I am going to take Chase’s advice and start preparing blog entries during my lunch break, to be carried home.

Yesterday, we had some relief from the horrible heat that has been trying very hard to kill us all. I spent the evening digging up potatoes, sorrowing at the dried-up pea plants -- so brief in their sweet glory -- and planting string beans, squash, peppers and carrots.

Ah, there’s nothing like man-handling manure to make for a blissful time.
Anywhere in the yard that I haven’t been keeping alive with the sprinkler is baked as hard as cookie crumbs in a blast furnace. There’s a reason why everything in the South is made of brick. Our soil is naturally of a perfect consistency for the stuff.


Anonymous said...

Ironic, really. The midwest has been drowning. Wish someone could invent a weather re-distribution system.

Chase March said...

Woo-Hoo! I’ve got influence in the blogosphere!

Seriously though, ECD, that’s a good idea. Your regulars want to see you keep blogging!

Rebecca said...

Ah, yes, red Virginia Clay. Hard as hell when it dries out!

But being elbow deep in muck at the end of the day sounds like wonderful way to decompress.

Janice Thomson said...

I'd be delighted to send some rain your way.... in exchange for a little of that heat :)

Eastcoastdweller said...

Citizen: Surveying the US this year, I am of the opinion that Mother Nature needs to be fired. What isn't burning or parched, is flooded. Nobody's having any fun.

Chase: Well, I'm trying. And utilizing my lunch break. This last week, I've tried to go back and answer older posts. This week, I need to do some blog-visiting.

Rebecca: Hard as hell? Try harder than hell. I believe Satan requisitioned some of the stuff for his subterreanean soul-firing kilns.

Janice: I'm ready to take You up on the offer.