Thursday, May 15, 2008

Why editors really suck

Email in my box this morning:
(Notice no attempt was made to even address me by name.)

"[The XYZ newspaper] is planning to cut back on our correspondents and are planning a slightly new direction. As a result, we are discontinuing your weekly column with [XYZ newspaper] effective June 1. We want to thank you for contribution to our newspaper and to the community. We plan to review our columns again in the next six months, in which case we could continue our relationship.
Thank you once again for all your contributions."

Well, thanks for 11 years, folks. Umm, let's look at the bright side. No more staring at a blank screen on Sunday night trying to come up with a topic. No more offending complete strangers with my opinions. No more wondering if I am repeating myself like some doddering old fool, since a weekly column times 11 years = about 572 opportunities to do that.

Of course, part of me really hopes that you, Mr. Editor, get a &*^!-load of hatemail from my loyal readers over this stupid decision. And that your building collapses into a sinkhole.

Must ... control ... bitterness.


Chase March said...

Ouch! That hurts. Sorry, ECD.

I don’t know how people can act like that after such a long relationship. They should’ve met with you at least. They owed you that much in my opinion.

I hope you do get fan mail and complaints sent.

It must’ve been an awesome feeling to be published and read everyday. But at least you still have the blog and faithful readers here.

Eastcoastdweller said...

Thanks, Chase.

Not to toot my own horn too loudly, but I meet people now and then, complete strangers to me, as I go about the city, and they comment on my column.

So it can't have stunk too badly.

I spotlighted deserving people in the community. I worked hard on it, did my research, very rarely had anyone call me on the carpet as regards my research.

Maybe I could storm into his office and fight this decision. But this month, I really feel blah and I'm thinking, eh, why bother?

Thank you for reminding me that, unless Blogworld gets hacked and wiped out, I still have, as you said, loyal readers here.

I appreciate that.

Lizzy Dizzy said...

Hey ECD,
No matter what you can just keep blogging and then one will take the time and read what you have to say... I'm in school and then everyday I like to come on see what others have to say. And getting things published and then read by the public has to be a cool feeling.
It's not the same but I love ones to see my pictures and then have them hanging on the walls!! I love writing but I would be scard to have one read my stuff eeryday and then they have the opinion is this good to read, or is it a waste of trees?
Well, I guess I said that.. I go to a vocational school for being a teacher and getting early experience to work with kids, but today we didn't have kids and for the past few months we wanted to be the first senior class to pull a prank... so we spent three days blowing up balloons and letting them go in the building and some had class of 2008 written on them and they were let off in the hallways, but then the principal came out and yelled at us to clean them up so we did... But I got pictures of it all I just hope I don't get in trouble for having the pictures of what happened.

But, BOY did the janiors look P***ED but we had fun doing it. WOW I wrote a lot of stuff probaly BORED you SORRY!!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Sorry about that ECD. A pox on thoughtless, stupid editors! Do you want us to spam him?

Ela (braveheart) said...

They send you an e-mail???

Write to all another newspapers and send them copy of the letter you received after 11 years of contributing to the community. That will show others their slightly new direction!

See, as many people will tell you too, you are easy to read, easy on the eyes (of course that is what you told us:) and something about the energy you bring.
It vibrates the 'correct' way!

There must be something good coming out of all the experiences that came into your life.
I am a believer in better.

but, since the lone squirrel have such a great idea, please share the email of theirs with us. We promise not to mention your name;)

Eastcoastdweller said...

Lizzy: You absolutely DID NOT bore me. I appreciate every word that is written to me on Isis, except for the occassional crude anonymous jerk who gets promptly deleted.

Thank You for contributing to the conversation. You are always welcome to do so, in as brief or as lengthy a manner as You choose.

Eastcoastdweller said...

Ela and Lone Grey:

The evil beastie within me bares his teeth in wicked malice at the thought of unleashing a torrent of spam upon Mr. Editor-man, Top Boss of Stupid Decisions.

But I will resist for now. Must ... control ... bitterness. Must ... not ... surrender to the Dark Side.

chipazoid said...

Hey ecd, I'm really sorry. Still don't get why they didn't do it in person but it's good that you're a bigger person by not being too openly bitter about it. Give us their address and we'll spam em!

Janice Thomson said...

Gosh ECD you are definitely having a bad spell BUT something good is going to come out of all this for when one door closes another ALWAYS opens...ALWAYS. :)
So grin through your teeth and go with the flow of the moment - there are many of us who are sending good thoughts your way my friend.

the walking man said...

Just remember ECD it was an EDITOR who made the decision and an EDITOR who sent the order out for the e-mail. Not a WRITER or a READER.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Stupid is as stupid does.


Rebecca said...

I am sorry that happened ECD! And I am sorry the news came in such an impersonal manner.

I also hope the editor gets sacks and sacks of mail complaining bitterly of your absence. And, as Chase says, that you get the same volume of mail with compliments and well wishes.

Wow. 11 years, 52 columns per...that you didn't repeat your self is an accomplishment. That said, I imagine after so much time, a subject might be approached with fresh insight, more perspective, or more mature thought.

.Nicotine.Queen. said...

That blows!!
But I am excited to know that you used to have a column. That's quite an achievement.