Monday, May 19, 2008

D.J.'s in da house!

I watched "Pirates of the Caribbean" yesterday at the in-laws, with my little Niece-in-Law, who wasn't at all frightened.

Got me wondering about the tentacle-faced villain who stars on the show's filthy Flying Dutchman.

From Wikipedia: "Davy Jones, according to sailors, is the fiend that presides over all the evil spirits of the deep, and is often seen in various shapes, perching among the rigging on the eve of hurricanes, ship-wrecks, and other disasters to which sea-faring life is exposed, warning the devoted wretch of death and woe. ”
— Tobias Smollett, published in 1751.

He seems to bear a resemblance to this guy, a distant cousin perhaps, who ended up a a krusty landlubber in Springfield:

P.S.: At, where I found the first picture, a blogger was carefully to distinguish that Jack Sparrow's scary-faced nemesis is no relation to a certain member of a certain 70's boy-band. To witness:

"Aye, Davy Jones be no Sea Monkee. With those suckers, consider the Peter Tork."


Janice Thomson said...

UGLY is right but you have to admit the make-up is excellent though I don't think I could watch it. :)

Lizzy Dizzy said...

EWWW that is the ugliest thing EVER! I get grossed out just looking at it!! Oh man I have an exam today and I am worried that I might fail it?!

Eastcoastdweller said...

Janice: Perhaps we should say facially-challenged instead of ugly.

The guys on that science blog had a whole long, technical discussion about the fact that Davey, as shown above, was not a product of make-up artistry but rather of some new Hollywood computer animation process.

In the movie, Davey played the organ with those tentacles of his.

Lizzie: Good luck on Your test.

Lizzy Dizzy said...

I am still grossed out by the picture and we didn't have the exam yesterday... there were a lot of people absent from class, so its today