Tuesday, November 13, 2007

First steps

There are so many things to consider when planning a business, even one on such a small scale as I am.

What permits will I have to get? How much will they cost? How many herbs do I need to plant in order to be able to sell enough to make it worth the trouble and to keep enough on hand through the entire growing season? How often can each herb be trimmed without asking too much of it?

How will I keep up with the extra demands on the soil without resorting to chemical fertilizers? I use cow manure in my home garden, but would that create an e coli liability risk for the public -- we've all heard the horror stories.

Should I first try to create a partnership with a farmer's market regular and then approach restaurants after I've gotten more established? I don't want people coming to my home, especially during the day when I am not there.

I think I will begin with chives. I have a clump already that is about the most undemanding plant I have ever seen.

I will put together some attractive cards to go with them that talk about the history and uses of chives, as well as other facts, such as that they are the only member of the onion family that is native to the Old World and the New.


...Kat said...

I love my chives here... so carefree... growing in tight neat bunches... multiplying nicely, politely... attracting all the bees and butterflies.... and lovely flowers

eastcoastdweller said...

Basil must be constantly pinched else it flower and go bitter. Plus, it dies every winter and doesn't reseed.

Parsley requires patience.

Oregano is supposed to be perennial but I can't seem to keep it going.

But my chives, they just keep quietly a-growing, year after year, even if I never run the hose on them or play Bach in their presence.

Lyn said...

starting a small business is easy, the hardest part is the worry we put ourselves through... you can do it, it is relatively hassle free and marketing yourself can be lots of fun... if you need to know anything, just ask and if I can answer I will if not I can refer you to the right resources... just do it, it is wonderful and a great biz at that...

Eastcoastdweller said...

Lyn, I am VERY tardily answering Your response to my post. I have begun preparing the ground for the herbs. That will be all that I do this year, prepping the ground and planting them.

I will definitely keep You in mind as I move on to the next step.