Friday, November 16, 2007

Darlene, Part IV

Somewhere in the world, an absolute angel named Darlene Tsue lives and breathes.

I just got an email from indicating that She has joined my high school class list posted there.

Can You say electrified?

I hope that Her life has been sheer bliss and that in these 20 years since last my eyes beheld Her, She has attained Her every dream.


Anonymous said...

Hello. I stopped by after seeing the award to you from LGS. Congratulations!

I'm honestly not sure what to think of a man who clearly likes women so much. As a women who has always competed in male-centric endeavors, I can't help but be suspicious. Perhaps it is my failing and not yours.

Take Care,

Ian Lidster said...

May Darlne be all that you want her to be.

...Kat said...


eastcoastdweller said...

Proxima: Welcome to my blog. I wouldn't call it a failing on Your part. As the recipients of several thousand years of injustice, Women have every right to be cautious.

But I assure You, I mean what I say and it applies to every Woman, not just models and centerfolds.

Thank You for Your comments.

eastcoastdweller said...

Ian: I doubt I will ever see Darlene in person again. She is possibly living thousands of miles from me now. And I have a Sweetie to tend to. But it is nice to know that somewhere in the world, that lovely Being is still alive and apparently well.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Best wishes and hopes to a happy crossing of paths and lives again.

Open Grove Claudia said...

How fun! You must be so excited! What will you do? Email her?

Trisia said...

Now I must congratulate you too, Ecd. I'm genuinely happy for you--I know you've been quite worried for a long time.

eastcoastdweller said...

I'm torn. To email an old friend like that might not be wise, someone for whom I had very strong feelings.

I would, however, somehow, like to tell Her how much I appreciated Her sweetness to me back then, even more so since I was a sophomore and She was a senior.

I am mainly just very happy to see that She is not the subject of that In Memorium that's posted online about another Darlene Tsue.

KittyTAT said...

Who are you eastcoastdweller? What school did we attend? And just curious what it was that I did? And why is it that you are looking for me?

eastcoastdweller said...


If You are Her, then You know what school we attended, in a place of palm trees and beauty, on what translates to Hill of the Stars.

What Darlene did was to play the part of an angel, to be the first Woman to show interest in me, to talk with me, to boost my shaky teenage self-confidence.

What I want and need to do is to say thank you -- to tell Her that She was absolutely the most beautiful person in that entire school, in every possible way.

That She was a friend when I truly needed one.

That if I couldn't say all that back then, it was precisely because I was just a teenage guy just learning to stand on my feet.

KittyTAT said...

HAHAHA would that be AOP... Academy of the Pacific? I dunno if that is on the hill of the stars, but that is where I attended high school...

Honestly, if it is me... I am extremely flattered. To have an impact like this is mind-boggling. Those days were full of life, fun and friends...

Hopefully, I will get to learn who you are.

eastcoastdweller said...

Well, KittyTat, I think that You have solved the riddle. AOP was indeed where I spent several very happy years, back in the late 80s, though I was denied the pleasure of graduating from there by my father's relocation to another state.

You did indeed impact my life, never to be forgotten. My middle school years were utterly awful. I was smaller than the rest of the kids and somewhat socially backwards, due to having been moved up a grade in elementary school.

So I came to AOP with very little self-esteem and low expectations. Then You showed me kindness. You talked to me, You, a Goddess of a Girl, a Girl so beautiful it was almost indescribable. You made me feel important.

I was on the yearbook staff and I made sure to get at least one picture of You, taken personally, put into the yearbook. You would have been on every page if I had had more influence.

I went on to do all right in college, get a degree, build a happy life, far away from that beautiful place and time.

But my mind goes back to that campus, to the friends that I had there, to the memories that I made, to the memories that I wish I had made and to You, who possibly without even realizing it, did so much in such a short time, to make it happen.

God bless You, Darlene, for who You were then and for who You undoubtedly still are now, a treasure to all who know You.

eastcoastdweller said...

Darlene, one has to be careful on the internet, jokestars and wackoes abound, but connecting Hill of the Stars with AOP seems to be a feat even beyond Google's capabilities.

So I think that You are for real.

So this is quite wonderful.

Do You have a website or a blog? I'm loathe to post my email address online, as I'm sure that You are, too.

KittyTAT said...

Well... I don't have a blog or a website... but a very good friend of mine has a website... I will see if it is ok with him if I use it and he can pass along the info...

I still don't know who you are. If it wasn't for my friend I wouldn't have posted on your blog.

And just to ease your mind I drove a red ford tempo. It wasn't my car it was my mom's.

KittyTAT said...

Got it... sorry been busy and away with the holidays... best wishes for the christmas season!!!