Monday, January 10, 2011

Ted Williams

So I have learned that the media went crazy, falling over each other to thrust their mikes in front of Ted Williams, the "golden-voiced" homeless man.

I pray not only that he can stand the spotlight, but also the ice-cold moment when the fickle media turn away again, as they will, and leave him on his own, the former flavor of the day.

I also think there's a lesson here. There are thousands of homeless men, Women and children in this country. Ted is/was just one. I wish him all the best. What are we doing for the rest? Is it possible that inside each and every one of these our fellow human beings, is a seed of hope that could be nurtured?

Instead of falling over each other for the exclusive next interview with Ted and his mom and everybody that ever knew him, why not send your more thoughtful reporters out to find more Teds on other street corners?


Chase March said...

I agree. More can be done about and for the homeless. This is a nice story though and it shows that we probably can do more than we do about this problem.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with your view. I do hope Ted will make the most of this chance given to him but I do fear that he will have a hard time when the cheer section has gone.