Monday, November 8, 2010

So now we have a dog ... again

It has been about six years since our black Lab passed away, a stray that wandered into our hearts.

Once again, we have been adopted. This time, the dog is a little Jack Russell -- very loving but a handful.

I am tired this morning. Tired from having had to find the temporary rescuer's home last night somewhere in the middle of the city. She could not keep her another night, and we have almost run out of possible friends to adopt the dog. Tired from waking up in the middle of the night to take the little dog outside since we are not sure yet how housebroken she is.

We were spoiled with our Lab. He liked being outside and when inside for storms and cold, he was unerringly house trained. This dog will need to stay indoors and needs some work ... has already made a pile in the living room.

But she is so cute running around the house with her mangled Snoopy doll in her mouth.


Anonymous said...

Good luck. Labs are such good natured and easy going. I think Jack Russells are a completely different kind of dog.

BraveHeart said...
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BraveHeart said...

Jack Russel has a very cute face.

kat said...

what a bundle of love energy and entertainment is in store for you with this new home companion and family member

Eastcoastdweller said...

Our little cutie-pie is something else. She shreds every toy we give her, jumps two feet in the air when she gets excited and barks at big dogs that could eat her like a chicken nugget.

I was home with the blahs the other day, lying on the floor watching t.v., and she came over and laid on my tummy.