Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Duck dread

Anatidaephobia - The fear that some time, somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you.


I do not have this phobia. Just so's you know.

Nor am I bothered excessively by spiders and snakes, crowds, clowns or what lies ahead for me after I die.

I do fear needles and razor blades, claustrophobic situations, the rise of China as a 21st century military power, elevated superhighways, my own eventual old age and unemployment.

What do you fear? I promise not to laugh.


...amarpreet said...

Going bald. (I have really thick hair and a lot of it, go figure.)

Chase March said...

Being alone.

Not leaving a legacy of some sort behind me.

Computers taking over the world and enslaving us.

And ju-jubes.

Just kidding on the last one ;)

BraveHeart said...

I fear that if I tell my fear it might actually happen, so, no fear telling..

lgsquirrel said...

Heights and cockroaches. Global nut shortages. Oh, oh and most definitely, climate change.

Janice Thomson said...

Earwigs - they give me the creepy-crawlies - and I too go very weak-kneed at any kind of height...
Hi ECD :)