Friday, September 25, 2009

Random thoughts

Need to visit Molly, Chase and my other neglected blog friends -- and take off the blogrolls others from whom I've drifted away.

Need to start blogging daily again -- SO MUCH to write about, all the time, that it just seems overwhelming. And I hate the way Facebook forces me to limit my thoughts to one or two measly paragraphs, wrtng lke a txtng teenagr.

Listened to Vivaldi on the way in to work -- I simply love Baroque music. If it wasn't a time of such filth and cruelty, I might have liked to live back then. How did such gorgeous music arise in such a dungheap of a society?

Noted that one Fabio Biondi recorded this particular CD of Vivaldi. Looked up his name online. Fascinated by a line in his bio, "driven early on by an inexhaustible cultural curiosity ..." My kind of guy! Not that I care much about guys. But you Ladies might enjoy his baby blues glowing at You from

Weekend is on the way -- a palette of possibilities!


Chase March said...

It would be good to see you back on Isis on a regular basis again.

I know that I've been posting less frequently because there is so much going on right now.

I use a reader to check my blogs I like to read so I can see when the sites are updated. That way, I don't waste time checking to see if a blog has been updated, they are all in one place.

Janice Thomson said...

It's such a busy time of year I find it hard to keep up with everyone too so don't feel bad.

Molly said...

Sometimes my head is just a jumble and it's too much like work to sort it all out so it makes enough sense for a blog post! We all need down time----I think I'm in a pit at the moment, as far as inspiration goes. Glad you've got your back!