Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hollywood Hell Inside My Head

Come with me now inside my head as it slumbered last night, weary from a week of work.

The first scene that you will see is the inside of a restaurant, an ordinary setting. Do not be fooled! All is not well.

Dreamer-me observed a Woman worrying about whether She should the seafood plate, since She was allergic to shellfish. She was assured by someone that She would be okay, so She did.

Next thing I knew, She was on the floor,convulsing, with tumors beginning to pop out through Her skin, and I could clearly see that She was dying.

"You, call 911!" I told the manager firmly, remembering what I had been taught in CPR training. But he just stared at me. Nobody seemed concerned. So I tried to call on my cell phone but I just could not remember how the hell to dial a phone number or how the send button worked.

Somehow, a doctor arrived anyway and began to tend to her. In the middle of all this, the co-manager of the restaurant asked me if I would go to the store down the street and buy her some green peppers.

Continue with me through this land of weirdness where scene two is of watching a baby monkey under water being swallowed up in the dark, loathsome jaws of a Moray eel, while some unseen Nature Channel narrator calmly describes the sad scene.

Then we are in a room where an eager little creature, looking like a half-pint, potbellied Grinch in a velvet suit with Seuss-style soft slippers upon his feet, is begging me to step into his room and watch him dance. He pulls my arm so I go along, which is a mistake, and I know it is because I feel that great evil is looming.

Sure enough, he begins to dance and then begins to morph into a ghastly monster.

So far, just an ordinary nightmare, like I have all the time. I am gasping for breath, and my Sweetie outside of the dream world is trying to wake me up -- but my dastardly brain has one more horrible surprise in store for me.

As my Sweetie shakes me awake, I look at Her and then some nightmare demon-thing pops up between us, dragging me into deeper depths of terror.

Sweetie persists -- and then, and only then, do I realize that even as my real-life Beloved was trying frantically to awaken me, I was dreaming that She was in my dream trying to awaken me into a nightmare world, which, of course, was ridiculous. Naturally, I was resisting, which only prolonged the horror.

Eh, who needs an acid trip or a visit to a Halloween Haunted House when your own brain cooks it up for free?


Lizza said...

Your very own personal horror movie. I really hope you don't get those often.

Kat said...

My dreams are sweet . I fall asleep listening to CNN and so I have had 5 dreams about Obama. In the last one we had progressed to holding hands. Like I said...sweet.

Anonymous said...

Nightmares are awful while you are in them, but offer up soemme intrigung information about what's going on in your life.

Molly said...

The subconscious mind is so fascinating, it frustrates me that I can never remember anything but the last few wisps before I wake, even though I'm aware that there was all kinds of intrigue and convoluted goings-on before those wisps.....

Ela said...

Are you scared when you have them?
what a question! obviously you are.

do you have lucid dreams? when you are not scared and know that you are dreaming?
I have them sometimes and it looks so real. I've been to place I come from. Close to the train station I often departed from, going to my granma's. I looked at the night sky and it was so unbelievably real, I couldn't believe, how is this possible?

Do you fly in your dreams sometimes?

pavocavalry said...

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Eastcoastdweller said...

Lizza: Weeks pass without any, then they come in rapid succession. Perhaps I am insane.

Kat: Have You told Michelle?

Citizen: You are probably right but I don't understand why all my nightmares seem to involve evil demons out of hell when that is not something that concerns me in the least, or occupies my thoughts during my waking hours.

Molly: I have been told that the secret is to lie absolutely still the moment that you wake from a dream, don't even open your eyes, and carefully recite all the details until you have them in your conscious mind.

Ela: I very rarely have lucid dreams. Most of the time I seem to be convinced that the dream world is the real world, which is what makes them so horrible.

I have not flown in my dreams for quite some time.

Hello Pavocalvary: Let me get to know your blogs better and then we can talk about email.